Who Are We?

The Miessence Community is made up of people from all walks of life, some new to exploring better options for long-term health and some who have been on that journey for a long time.  We are health conscious folks, organic enthusiasts, conscious consumers, mindful mamas and papas, health bloggers, and holistic wellness professionals of all sorts from around the world, with a common vision for natural health, sustainable living, positive global change, heart-centered service, ethical business, and genuine transparency.  Wanting great results without the toxic synthetics found in most personal care and nutritional products, and tired of the false ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ marketing claims rampant in the industry, we have each ended up in the same place – as happy customers of a pioneering organic formulator and wonderfully authentic person, Narelle Chenery. And as genuinely happy customers first and foremost who also happened to be looking for meaningful business opportunities in our lives, we have chosen to align with Narelle and her company as Miessence Independent Representatives because of our shared commitment to organics, sustainability, quality, value, transparency, service, community, and education – with zero hype or sales pressure.

As a social entrepreneurial community, we are committed to providing free transformational education for everyone in our broader community (see below), regardless of whether someone chooses to become a Miessence customer or not.  To this end, the global Miessence Community offers educational events both online and offline and a variety of helpful resources that can be accessed online 24/7.  Additionally, a co-operative of individual Miessence Reps also works together to offer a twice-a-month email newsletter, MiCommunity, featuring general educational information and Miessence-specific product information and offers.  All are welcome to be part of our community of life-long learners and take advantage of our free educational resources – though of course we hope you’ll also give these products a closer look, ask us questions, and consider their overall value and impact in the world… and we are especially grateful for our customers as your product purchases 1) allow us to continue offering these educational resources to the world for free, and 2) support small business owners around the world, from the local farming families and communities around the world growing the organic ingredients, to the families represented by both Miessence HQ and us, the Independent Representatives…  Thank you!

* To connect with our community on any level, or for any questions, please subscribe to MiCommunity via your Miessence Representative (please ask your Rep for the correct subscriber link to be connected directly with him/her).  If you do not have a Miessence Rep already, please email info(at)MiCommunitySupport(dot)com for help connecting with a Rep.

Our Broader Community At A Glance:

Lifelong Learners – People wanting to learn more about natural health and sustainable living from a trusted and reliable community, including many wellness professionals of varying modalities (and always with zero hype or pressure to buy products).

Contributors – From time to time, we may open up feature slots in the MiCommunity newsletter to guest writers who are aligned with our community but not Miessence Representatives themselves (opportunity for exposure to 1000s of readers).

Lifestyle Members (Customers) – People enjoying the purity, potency, and freshness of Miessence’s certified organic products (real results, truth in labeling and marketing claims, transparent ingredient standards, pioneering and ethical company, sustainable business practices, family-owned and operated, supporting local communities around the world).  All customers enjoy access to discounts from 10-40% off, depending on the size of their orders and whether or not they have signed up for MiRewards – the monthly or every other month flexible (flexible meaning you don’t have to have the same standing order come to your door each month; order what you actually need) autoship program that rewards more regular customers with higher discounts, free shipping, and reward points toward free products.

Representatives – Happy Miessence customers who have chosen to also refer others to Narelle’s brand.  Most reps just want to earn enough in customer referral commissions to get their own organic products for free and are fully supported in doing so; some also choose to continue on and serve many people, thereby earning a supplemental, replacement, or investment level income. Whether big or small goals, exceptional training and support is available.

For a brief overview of how the Miessence Community uses the network marketing business model in a truly unique and refreshing way, ethically and sustainably, to serve the world at large – including people who are not Miessence customers, please check out the presentation below.  Please note: some of the specifics of pricing or discounts referenced in the presentation may be out of date, but the basic principles remain the same.