The Healing Touch of Nature

A Return to an Organically Inspired Natural Lifestyle
Written by Miessence colleague, A.W.

Have you noticed the increasing focus on organics over the past 5-10 years? Finally we are beginning to see the cumulative effects of toxic residues showing up in our foods, daily personal care and cleaning products. These are contributing to the breakdown of our immune systems and our natural ability for the body to maintain balance and heal itself. Compounding this is our disconnection from the earth and lack of quality time to retreat from daily routines and stresses to restore balance and harmony.

Confusion is rife over what’s organic and what’s not. So many companies are getting on the bandwagon, making claims of being natural or organic; however, when you read the label they are obviously not. It’s easy to assume that if it’s in a health shop it must be good for me and safe. Do I really need to read all labels?  


Even if a product says it is natural or organic, that is no guarantee that it is safe and free from harmful chemical residues, synthetic toxic ingredients or carcinogens.

Clearing Up the Confusion

Daily we are bombarded with pollutions of all kinds, from air to water quality, food additives, synthetic chemicals, noise, electromagnetic and visual pollution, these are all impacting us physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

How can we minimise and offset these damaging influences on ourselves and the environment? Is it possible to live healthy lives without getting caught up in the confusion and conflict as we navigate our way through the maze of marketing hype and latest trends?  


The words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are being used in marketing to greenwash us, giving a false sense that a product is safe and healthy, until we read the ingredient list finding many toxic synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Also through the processing stages many natural raw ingredients become compromised and contaminated.

Certified Organic

The only true way to differentiate between what is organic and non-organic is to look for a certified organic logo on the label – this is your guarantee that what you are purchasing is a truly natural, organic product, meaning that the raw ingredients have been grown, processed and manufactured without the use of any herbicides, pesticides, synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Thus having no harmful impact on the environment and being of benefit to our health and wellbeing. 

The two main certifying bodies that maintain the highest standards are ACO – Australian Certified Organic and USDA Organic. Be aware, there are now less stringent certifying bodies for natural and organic standards, so always be sure to read the labels on any ‘organic’ product not certified by ACO or USDA.

Intelligent Choices

Our parents and grandparents grew up on organic food; back then there were far fewer of the toxic synthetic chemicals around that are now found to contribute to stress and toxicity, leading to many of our modern day health issues.

How do we make the right choices so we have a quality of life that is easy to maintain and at the same time provides us with all the energy that we need to meet the day to day stresses and strains of modern living?

Through our own self-education and awareness we can begin to discern a way through the minefield that awaits us each time we spend our valuable hard earned dollars.

In our own search to find a way of living that is as close to nature as possible, we have discovered some fundamentals that are essential to restoring an organic and natural lifestyle providing a quality of life that is both functional and creative.

Using pure, fresh, raw, food grade organic products for our daily cleansing and nourishing routines is the foundation. Eliminating toxic chemicals from our daily lives is also a must if we truly value our health and want to restore a sense of wellbeing and joy.

In buying certified organic food and personal care products you are making a valuable contribution by supporting green ethical business and farming practices and supporting the integrity of your own family’s health and that of our precious earth. It’s a win/win/win – where you spend your dollars is a vote for the future, so be wise.

Connect with the Earth

We are constantly building up positively charged free radicals in our body as a natural by-product of our metabolism and immune response to pathogens. These free radicals cause ageing, inflammation and pain.

Physically connecting with the earth helps release damaging free radicals and excess stress; however we’re not doing this often enough. Shoes, concrete floors, synthetic flooring, carpeting, chairs, beds, sidewalks, roads… we rarely spend our days or our nights actually touching the earth.

The earth is like an enormous, ever-available battery that discharges all the free radicals that we build up all day long and neutralises them. But sitting on chairs all day, at computers, at the office, even at home, we are rarely in direct contact with the earth. Even when we think we are, we often have shoes on that prevent us from actually physically touching the grass, moss, soil, sand, clay or rock beneath our feet.

Do you ever feel drained? Spend a few minutes walking barefoot in your yard, get your hands in the dirt while you garden, or walk through the surf.

Physically connecting with the ground – often referred to as grounding or earthing – has the potential to help improve the symptoms of many inflammation-related diseases, reduce or eliminate chronic pain, improve sleep, increase energy, lower stress and re-set imbalanced hormones, improve blood circulation and blood pressure, relieve muscle tension and headaches, lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms, speed healing, reduce jet-lag, accelerate recovery from athletic activity.

It is interesting to note that in cultures where people live and sleep in direct contact with the earth, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, insomnia, and even things like menopausal symptoms are almost non-existent.

Retreat to Rejuvenate & Reconnect

When was the last time you felt inspired and liberated from your normal daily routines? Creating space in your year to retreat from the busyness allows you to reconnect, replenish, unwind and let go.

Truly connecting with the nature helps our bodies and minds. Bathing in the ocean or sea salt baths can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, easing stiff sore muscles, relieving back pain, joint pain, purify the skin, and release toxins.

Create weekly and seasonal patterns of rest and renewal – and spend as much of this time as possible unplugged from electronics and plugged back into creation instead. Create space to remember freedom, celebrate life, and renew the energy, passion and inspiration in your daily life.